Any person viewing this website or relying on its contents or any person dealing with Taj Realglobe Ltd. is deemed to not only have read the contents of the ‘Disclaimer’ but also have understood and unconditionally accepted its terms and conditions along with its legal implications as a binding contract thereby absolving Taj Realglobe Ltd. of any legal liability on account of any misrepresentations/inadvertent and typographical errors which have inadvertently crept in the website and ensuing financial losses induced due to lack of awareness of the same by the viewer/visitor to the website or by any person dealing with Taj Realglobe Ltd.

1. All information on this website including (but not restricted to) the content, designs, structures, layouts, plans, diagrams, maps, charts, graphs, business proposals/offers and services offered are as per the norms and policies implemented by the management of Taj Realglobe Ltd. to secure good corporate governance and safeguard its interests in the current real estate business environment and Taj Realglobe Ltd. and its Management including Key Managerial Personnel and its employees thereby do not make any representation or warranty whatsoever, either express or implied as to its veracity or completeness nor assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, if any, with regard to any information displayed on the website or any links/hyperlinks therein.

2. The visitor to/viewer of this website solemnly affirms that all information provided by him in order to access this website is accurate and he/she has no intention of violating any law or illegally accessing any data of Taj Realglobe Ltd. with a view to harm the interests of the latter. In event of violation of this clause, Taj Realglobe Ltd. has the right to initiate legal action against such viewer/visitor forthwith.

3. Contents of all advertisements, proposals, brochures, information regarding Taj Realty inclusive of interest rates on loans offered, Commission Offers to any person, Taj Business Partners, Taj Business Associates, Master Franchisees, Franchisees and Sub-Franchisees of Taj Realty Franchise Network are merely indicative in nature and do not constitute any binding contract between Taj Realglobe Ltd. and such person/Taj Business Partners or Business Associates/Master Franchisees/Franchisees/Sub-Franchisees. These contents are subject to alterations/variations/modifications/amendments at the pure discretion of the Authorized Signatory of Taj Realglobe Ltd.

4. Documents incorporated in the website as well as pictures, images, diagrams, designs, maps, charts, graphs, percentages are purely representative and informational in nature and are a reflection of website designer’s perception/ideation of the real estate property / projects whether residential or commercial in the nature of land / flats/ apartments/ shops / godowns / garages / closed parking spaces, etc and shall in no way operate as any guarantee, assurance, offer, commitment or warranty by Taj Realglobe Ltd.

5. Taj Realglobe Ltd.’s legal liability with respect to any deal materialized with any person including prospective buyers/sellers/customers/Business Partners/Business Associates/Master Franchisees/Franchisees/Sub-Franchisees/clients/leads and with respect to services rendered to the latter is restricted to Agreements reduced to writing and duly signed and/or stamped/registered by them. If any such aforementioned person avails of any service or materializes any deal in absence of such Agreement, no legal liability for the same shall be incurred by Taj Realglobe Ltd. on account of the same and any such deal materialized or service availed shall be solely at the risk and cost of such person.

6. Since, Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (‘‘RERA’’) has come into force from 1st May, 2017, Taj Realglobe Ltd. is fully apprised of the requisite compliances involving inter alia restrictions/prohibitions on advertising/marketing of future projects (in the nature of land / flats / apartments/ shops / godowns / garages / closed parking spaces, etc.) that are unregistered after a period of 90 days from 1st May, 2017 and requiring mention of only carpet area instead of super carpet area. With a view to secure compliance with RERA Act and MahaRERA Rules, Taj Relaglobe Ltd. has registered itself with RERA in Maharashtra. However, contents displayed on this website including advertisements, specifications, were created/ uploaded prior to RERA coming into force and hence the website may contain information/promotional material related to unregistered projects with areas, specifications and dimensions not otherwise inappropriate under the former law. Taj Realglobe Ltd. is in the process of reviewing, revising and updating the same with the view of securing compliance with RERA Act and MahaRERA Rules made there under. Since the process of reviewing, revising and updating the website is time consuming, the viewers of/visitors to the website or persons dealing with Taj Realglobe Ltd. are hereby cautioned against relying on the contents/information displayed on the website as any form of advertisement/marketing/promotional activity for materializing any deal whatsoever.

7. Hence, any person seeking to materialize a deal with Taj Realglobe Ltd. including prospective buyers / sellers / customers / clients / leads / Master Franchisees / Franchisees / Sub-Franchisees are hereby requested to contact the Designated Authority / Person in charge of Taj Realty at Taj Realglobe Ltd. to comprehend and confirm the veracity of the information contained in this website in relation to offers, commissions, interest rates, promotional materials, advertisements or any information contained herein including plans, specifications, prices, layout, diagrams, maps, charts, graphs or any data with regard to the real estate properties / projects including land / flats / apartments/ shops / godowns / garages / closed parking spaces, etc. and only thereafter take an informed decision to purchase/sell/book the same.

8. Despite the fact that Taj Realglobe Ltd. exercises due diligence in collating all material and publishing/displaying the same on its website, yet the same does not guarantee its’ accuracy or operate as a binding contract between Taj Realglobe Ltd. and any person dealing with it. Any deal between any person including any buyer/seller/customer/client and Taj Realglobe Ltd. in relation to any flat/apartment/shop/godown/garage/closed parking space/etc., in any project or otherwise, should be materialized only after verifying its’ details and specifications with Taj Realglobe Ltd along with due diligence independently carried out by the person dealing with Taj Realglobe Ltd. regarding the real estate property involved and only after such detailed verification/due diligence make an informed decision to conclude the deal.

9. Any decision made otherwise by any person dealing with Taj Realglobe Ltd. merely relying on the contents (including but not restricted to promotional/marketing material and specifications) of the website without exercising independent due diligence, shall be solely at his own risk and cost until the project is registered under RERA. Neither Taj Realglobe Ltd. nor any of its Directors/Key Managerial Personnel nor its staff (including employees) shall be liable for decision taken by any person relying on such material/information contained in this website while it is in process of being reviewed, revised and updated.

10. All quotations, prices, numbers, specifications, layouts, designs, diagrams, plans, charts, graphs, business proposals offer, pictures of flats/apartments with furniture, fixtures, amenities, accessories, landscape, etc. currently displayed on the website are solely for representative purposes, merely indicative and subject to variances without imposing any liability on Taj Realglobe Ltd.

11. Under no circumstances Taj Realglobe Ltd. shall incur any liability, civil or criminal, to any person, for any loss, direct or indirect, for any use of this web site, including but not restricted to any damages, loss of profits, business hindrances or loss of valuable data by such person.

12. Taj Realglobe Ltd. is not responsible for any loss occasioned to any person on account of relying on contents of any other website accessed through hyperlinks on its website as Taj Realglobe Ltd. is no position to monitor the contents of other websites and the access to other websites is provided solely for the sake of business convenience.

13. Taj Realglobe Ltd. reserves the right to change, amend and modify any information/contents included in this website without notice and neither Taj Realglobe Ltd., nor any of its Directors/Key Managerial Personnel nor its staff (including employees) shall be liable to any person including prospective buyers/sellers/customers/clients for any such changes/amendments/ modifications.

14. Information on this website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors and visitors to/viewers of the website hereby waive any right to hold Taj Realglobe Ltd. legally liable for the same.

15. The visitor to/viewer of is presumed to know the law of the land especially with regard to real estate including but not restricted to transfer, mortgage, lease, leave and licence of real estate property and hereby undertakes not to make Taj Realglobe Ltd. responsible for his ignorance of the law.

16. Prospective Buyers/Sellers/Clients/Customers and viewers of/visitors to this website are hereby cautioned that any information or material sent or communicated to Taj Realglobe Ltd. shall not be considered as confidential. By logging on this website and communicating any such information or material to Taj Realglobe Ltd., the visitor to/viewer of the website shall have deemed to have given Taj Realglobe Ltd. an unrestricted license to use, reproduce, display, amend and share such material or information.

17. Prospective Buyers/Sellers/Clients/Customers and Viewers of/Visitors to the website hereby acknowledge Taj Realglobe Ltd.’s right to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that are communicated in the course of business interactions to Taj Realglobe Ltd. without infringing any intellectual property law of the land.

18. Further, there is no express or implied warranty that any of the aforementioned information and services made available by Taj Realglobe Ltd. through electronic communication or through its software or servers is free from viruses or any damaging content and no civil or criminal liability can be thrust on Taj Realglobe Ltd. for any loss incidental or consequential occasioned to the visitors to/viewers of this website on account of aforementioned reasons. Nevertheless the visitors to/viewers of the website are hereby cautioned against indulging in any cyber crime in the nature of data diddling or using any viruses or any destructive mechanism calculated to damage or alter its contents.

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